Women in business are rapidly becoming the fastest growing sector across both Australia and the United States, with the number of women-owned businesses increasing to 59%, which has outgrown the 41% growth rate among all new businesses, according to Trailblazers. However, how many of these businesses will succeed?

Sadly, similar studies also show that 50% of small businesses will fail within the first year, 95% in the first 5 years, and that 69.5% of women-owned businesses earned $25,000 (or less) in 2013.

Small business failure has been linked to:

  • Running out of money,
  • Under-pricing and undervaluing their skills,
  • Burnout,
  • Ineffective marketing and ignoring the digital world,
  • Inability to differentiate themselves,
  • Leadership/management breakdown,
  • Ineffective profit/business models, and

Further studies confirm similar findings, including:

  • Independent Women in Business 2014 research discovering that 43% of women struggled with their mindset and a lack of self-confidence that they had what it took to build a successful business;
  • The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012 Women’s Report reporting that women had a greater fear of failure and a lower perception in their entrepreneurial abilities than male business owners;
  • AMP & Newspoll research identifying that 13% of women would not work toward a long-held ambition because of ‘fear of not being good enough’ and the fear of failure.

“We recognized how difficult it is for these women. They follow their dream and passion to start up their coaching practices, however struggle to get new clients,” say’s Annemarie Cross and Jennifer Johnson – Business Success Experts and Co-Founders of Coaches Connection Academy – THE Business Development Community for Coaches to Connect, Learn and Grow a Successful Coaching Practice.

“After finishing their coaching certifications they often have limited funds to invest in expert advice, coaching and mentoring, so these new business owners have no choice but to continue to struggle on their own.“

“This was one of the main reasons we founded Coaches Connection Academy. We know the frustration and isolation coaches struggle with daily, as we have experienced this ourselves. And, it’s something our clients have struggled with, too,” says Cross and Johnson.

Passionate about helping these business owners succeed has prompted not only the founding of Coaches Connection Academy, but also a free webinar training that addresses the lack of self-belief, under-earning, and another very common barrier that can lead to business failure – Missed Milestone Syndrome.

Free Webinar: MISSED MILESTONES? Why Unaccomplished Goals WILL Hold You Back in 2015 & What You MUST Do About It – NOW!

Register now: www.CoachesConnectionAcademy.com/webinar

Does this describe you?

  • You didn’t achieve your goals and don’t want to give up on your dreams of building a successful coaching practice.
  • Yet, despite all of your hard work you are still struggling to attract high-level quality clients, and you feel undervalued, underpaid, and frustrated.
  • What are you doing wrong, you ask?

You’re not alone – in fact we’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, just like you, and have shown them how to double (or even triple) their business results, and build half a million dollar businesses.

Join us (Annemarie Cross and Jennifer Johnson) on our free webinar, where we will show you:

  • The Missing Link: Why unaccomplished goals and disappointments will hold you back if you don’t do this one thing;
  • What to focus on NOW so you can grow your coaching practice in 2015;
  • Why so many coaches lose their way and what to do about it;
  • How to attract high-end quality clients who pay you what you are worth;
  • The RIGHT activities you should be focusing on so you can avoid costly time-sucking distractions such as the ‘shiny object syndrome’ and ‘magic bullet’ solutions.

Join us LIVE ON THE ENTIRE CALL to receive our: “Six-Figure (or More) Business Blueprint for Coaches”

A Step-by-Step framework of the key foundations you must have in place to build a six-figure (or more) business in 2015.

  • Date: Thursday, December 18th
  • Time: 12.30-1.30pm PST | 1.30-2.30pm MST | 2.30-3.30pm CST | 3.30-4.30 pm EST | 8.30-9.30pm UK | 7.30am-8.30am Melbourne, Aust. Friday 19th |
  • Register now: www.CoachesConnectionAcademy.com/webinar


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