Think you’re wasting your time with social media? Think again…

A few weeks ago I delivered a workshop to a group of small business owners on how to build brand awareness, online.

After showing them some of the social media tools they could use to build their followers as well as a few ideas to develop relevant, interesting content, quite a number of them looked at me rather horrified, saying:

“You mean we actually have to do work? We haven’t got the time to do what we have to in our business already, why on earth would we bother with social media if it means more work for us?”

I was speechless.

How could I respond to that comment in a diplomatic manner, when all I really wanted to say was: “If you don’t see how building relationships and your reputation as a specialist in your field is important for the growth of your business, and all you want to do is to blast out promotions, then don’t bother. You’ll find yourself unfriended and even worse – banned.”

Thankfully I didn’t have to say anything as a few of the other participants stepped in quickly and confirmed that while it did involve some commitment on their behalf, they could definitely see the benefits.

Marketing and networking (both online and offline) to build relationships so that people can get to know, like and trust you– is paramount. And, while you’re sharing helpful information with your readers, you’re also building value and your level of credibility in their minds.

If your intention is similar to many of the workshop participants (who planned on using social media to constantly blast out information about their workshops, products and programs) be warned, this will seriously damage your reputation and relationships. Don’t do it.

What you should be doing instead is to put aside some time in your day to create compelling, interesting content that is going to get your name out in front of your ideal client. This will help you build your credibility, visibility and hireability which when done well and consistently, will drive up your profitability.

Here are a few things you can do each day that will only take you a short amount of time – ten minutes at the most:

  1. Write an interesting, relevant tweet that adds value to your reader
  2. Retweet someone else’s relevant and interesting tweet with your followers
  3. Write a tweet and link back to an article that you have written previously
  4. Share an inspiring photo with your friends on Facebook
  5. Write an interesting, relevant post and share it on Facebook
  6. Ask a really great question that requires a one-word response and share on Facebook
  7. Search through Facebook feed and reach out to some of your friends by liking and leaving a few comments on one of their posts
  8. Use your iPhone to take a before and after photo and share it with your friends. A great way to showcase your expertise
  9. Attending an event as a speaker. Write a short post and share it with people to build credibility
  10. Just been interviewed by the media? Write about it and share it with your friends to increase your celebrity.
  11. Able to get a recording of the interview? Upload it to your blog, add a few photos and a few paragraphs and share it with your readers. Remember also to Tweet and post a link on Facebook so your friends and followers can also listen to the recording
  12. Download app onto your iPhone and commit to recording 1 helpful tip every week. Don’t worry about having to post and share it – Audioboo takes care of that for you automatically. All you need to do is put aside the time to create the audio.

These are just a few things that I could think of. I could write more, however these 12 things are enough to get you started.

Put aside time to do at least one or two of these things everyday. Marketing and networking to build relationships should be something you commit to each and every day in your business.

You’re not ‘spending’ your time but rather ‘investing’ your time by doing these activities. And the rewards? Well, the rewards can be amazing.

Trust me.


So have I inspired you to take action? Maybe you can add some more great ideas that people can do that won’t take up much time. Please share them. It’s always great to hear from you!


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