What makes you special?

What makes YOU special?

and what makes you special – allows you to elevate your brand to new heights out in the market place. So what makes YOU special?

So often when I speak to women and women entrepreneurs they take their skills and strengths forgranted – not recognising them for the true value they offer a potential employer or client, which really saddens me. Once we are able to recognise our strengths and can talk about them confidently and professionally the opportunities that show up in our lives can be amazing.

Ladies, often the only person holding us back is the reflection we see in the mirror. I know, I’ve been there myself – that niggling doubt that we can achieve what our heart truly desires. So what goal or outcome are you blocking yourself from achieving because you haven’t recognised the amazing gifts and talents that you have to share with others?

Why don’t you gift yourself some time this week to write down a list of what you think your strengths are, and more importantly, how you can support others through harnessing these strengths.

My two strengths, I’d have to say, are inpiration and motivation. Inspiring and motivating others to believe in themselves and then be able to go out talk about themselves, their brands and the solutions they offer potential clients, with confidence. What are your strengths?


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