“If I had more money all my debt and my problems would go away”.

These are familiar words to which I’m sure, many of us can relate.

Unfortunately however, having more money will often not solve our problems.

Just like Susan, who defies all odds to win the coveted Lotto ticket. She finds herself penniless just a few short years down the track.

Or Julie, the business owner who secures a major contract and deposits the largest sum of money she has ever made in her business. Months later, she’s struggling to pay her bills and is desperately trying to win another large contract.

Or Bridget, who inherits a large sum of money, but finds herself yet again in massive debt, having lost everything her newfound wealth had enabled her to buy.

For each of these people – having ‘more money’ didn’t help. While the extra cash was helpful in the short-term, in the long run they all found themselves in debt and/or struggling again despite the large sums of cash each had received.


Because the reason that had initially contributed to and influenced their individual struggles – hadn’t been addressed.

Susan, Julie and Bridget’s relationship with money played a significant role in how they managed (or in this case – mismanaged) their money.

I call it your Money Type.

Just like your personality type has characteristics that influence your behaviour – your Money Type has certain characteristics and behaviours that impact the way you relate to and manage your money.

There are Five Money Types:

mindsetThe Money Type of Love
The Money Type of Security
The Money Type of Value
The Money Type of Recognition
The Money Type of Status

So, what’s your Money Type?

Perhaps you’re like Susan who won the coveted lottery ticket. With the Money Type of Love she had a need to be liked by other people. One of the ways this showed up for her was that she would buy people gifts even though they didn’t really need these items, hoping this would strengthen their relationship.

Maybe you can relate to Julie the business owner. Her Money Type of Status meant that she would buy the best and latest computer and office equipment even though her current equipment was fine. She also loved to shower her family with expensive gifts as well as take her clients and prospects out for lavish lunches – things she couldn’t really afford.

Or you may be more like Bridget who inherited her father’s estate – who’s Money Type was Value. Because she felt the need to feel valued, her soft-heartedness meant that her friends and colleagues would often turn to her for financial support. Finding it difficult to say no, she would continuously give of her time and money each time she was asked.

Just like each of these women, we can also exhibit unhelpful habits and behaviours when it comes to managing our money.

Your relationship with money and how you manage money may be what was modelled to you by your parents. Or, perhaps you may find yourself managing money in the exact opposite way.

It’s important to break the cycle of bad money habits to stop returning to that place of lack, debt and ongoing struggle.

Susan recognised her need for belonging and was finally able to accept herself for who she was. Julie’s need for validation no longer came from buying herself expensive items and was now able to find other ways of feeling important. And Bridget no longer felt the need to prove she was good enough and a good person. She recognised she was valuable just the way she was.

What about you? What deep emotional needs are you trying to fill that are currently stopping you from reaching your money goals?

Do you want to break through the unhelpful patterns of your Money Type and create empowering beliefs and actions specific to your needs that will drive you forward to achieve your money goals?

You can! Your rewarding, abundant life and business awaits you – right here –>> Are you ready? Find out more by clicking here 

To your money breakthroughs!


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