Defining your authentic e-marketing voice to stand out online

Do you struggle with knowing what to write in your blog posts, articles and your e-marketing material in a way that attracts clients to you and your services?

My guest on today’s show is Debra Gilroy, who says: “Love it or hate it, you know that writing is the key to the success of your e-marketing programs for your business. Your words have to be powerful to attract clients to you and your services. Readers want to know the REAL you and your messages in a way that says you can help them.  Your e-marketing voice must come through loud and clear.”

Debra has spent many years writing for corporations, therapists and coaches, which has taught her that as a business owner your e-marketing writing is the most critical component of attracting clients to you and what you have to offer.

Today she shares some tips and techniques that will help you write effective, authentic e-marketing that will help you grow your list, convert readers into clients, increase your income and cultivate referrals.


Our Guest Expert:

Debra Gilroy, Ph.D. combines her journalism, psychology and business background to help coaches, therapists and service entrepreneurs grow their business and attract the clients they want with authentic and effective e-visibility services.

Contact Debra Gilroy:

Show Highlights:

Debra shares:

  • 4 keys to online authenticity that will help you grow your business
  • 5 essentials to integrate authenticity into your e-marketing
  • 3-step process to being authentic in your online presence right now!


What were some of your ‘aha’ moments? Which of the steps that Debra shared will you be implementing to ensure you are showing up authentically online. Let me know in the comment box below. It’s always so nice to hear from you!!

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