Speaking is one of the best ways I know to help you grow your business – fast!

Signature TalkImagine this…

A few week’s ago you delivered your Signature Talk to 50 of your ideal clients.

  • Ninety percent of the audience are now on your list (i.e. subscribers) and part of your community. These are people who have given you their permission for you to continue building and nurturing a relationship with them;
  • 10 people (i.e. leads) registered to speak with privately through your complimentary Strategy Session (which is an automated process you’ve created as a follow up once someone’s signs up for your Irresistible Signature Giveaway), and
  • Out of the five conversations you’ve had already – three people are now going to work with you privately in your 3-month VIP program generating you $15,000 in sales.

A pretty awesome outcome – wouldn’t you say?

Considering you still have another five conversations to go, AND that you can continue to nurture and strengthen your relationship with the 45 new people you’ve added to your list…

…all from one 60-minute free talk.

Are these the kind of results you’re getting from your Signature Talk?

You should be.

And you can – IF you have the right tools in place.

One of those tools is your Irresistible Signature Giveaway, or what some people refer to as your free offer.

[If you’re unsure what this is, here’s the explanation I gave in my article: Speaking To Grow Your Business: 3 Tools You MUST Have In Place]:



Why is your Irresistible Signature Giveaway so important when you’re speaking to grow your business?

Because of these three reasons:

1. People often need MORE EVIDENCE before making a decision

If this is the first time people have heard of you, it’s highly unlikely they’re ready to make a purchase – especially if your goal is to sell one of your high-end programs.

People need more proof that you are a specialist in your field and that you are the right person for them to work with.

They need more evidence.

So the information you share in your Irresistible Signature Giveaway should do exactly that.

In the example I shared above, the speaker was aware of this.

(a) The main call to action in her Signature Talk was to get people to sign up for her Irresistible Signature Giveaway.

(b) The information she then shared in her Giveaway showcased her expertise and gave people the evidence (and proof) they needed.

(c)  Then, by strategically prompting people to register for her complimentary Strategy Session (after they had received the evidence they needed that she had value to offer them) – 10 people stepped forward.

(d)  From there she generated $15,000 after speaking to 5 people.

None of these things would have been possible were it not for her Irresistible Signature Giveaway.

2. People often need MORE TIME before making a decision

According to Gleanster Research, 50% of your leads may be qualified (i.e. your ideal client) but not yet ready to buy.

So when are they likely to be ready?

That’s the million dollar question – which very much depends on how great the urgency and desire they have to solve the problem/challenge they are faced with.

Many marketing professionals believe it can take 8 to 12 touch points (number of times you connect with a potential client) before someone will consider hiring you.

And, if the economy is tight, you can double that time frame.

By encouraging people to access your Irresistible Signature Giveaway means they are now on your list and part of your community, giving you the opportunity to keep in touch and nurture a relationship with them.

Guess who is going to be top of mind when they’re ready to make a purchase?


3. People often need MORE PROMPTING before making a decision

Do you know what one of the most common reasons someone will decide NOT to buy from you, is?


In particular their beliefs (mindset).

  • They don’t believe they’re ready yet: “Now is not the right time”;
  • They believe they know this information already;
  • They don’t believe they can be successful – despite other people achieving success;
  • They don’t believe they can afford it;
  • They believe [you fill in the gap].

Once people have accessed your Irresistible Signature Giveaway and are now part of your community, you can continue to help them melt away their objections and misbeliefs through the articles you write and information you share.

So, as you can see – your Irresistible Signature Giveaway is key to encouraging people to step into your world.

After all, how are you going to continue nurturing and building a relationship with people if you can’t connect and communicate with them on a regular basis?

You can’t.

Which is why you should have an Irresistible Signature Giveaway in place and ready to go as you continue to deliver your Signature Talk.

Here’s to growing your subscribers, leads and clients with your Irresistible Signature Giveaway!


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