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The Millionaire Attitude – Do you have it?

Do you dream about standing out as a leader in your field, but unsure where to start? Or perhaps you’ve got some amazing goals for your business. Yet, despite setting out with the best of intentions to achieve these goals, 6 months or 12 months later (or even longer), your dreams and goals are still not a reality.

Today I’m joined by Pam Brossman – CEO of For two years, Pam had a dream a write a book and in January 2012 Pam’s dream became a reality when she launched her very first book titled: “Your Millionaire Attitude.”

Today she is going to share some of the inspiring lessons from her book and how she was able to write her book in just 8 days. You read it right – it took Pam just 8 days to write her book. An incredible achievement!
Millionaire Attitude

Let’s listen as Pam shares her incredible story:

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Show Transcript: Your Millionaire Attitude – Do you have what it takes?

“Welcome to the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show brought to you by free weekly business building webinars to help you get more clients booked and I am your host Annemarie Cross. Today on the show Pam Brossman, CEO of She Experts about her latest book:“Your Millionaire Attitude’, and she is going to speak about how to think bigger and set yourself a realistic achievable goals. Why uniqueness is your greatest assets and how to standout and seen as a leader in your market and the forced implementation strategy and why it works every time to get you to risks and compound your results faster and much more, so stick around.”

Annemarie: – It is such a pleasure to have Pam Joins me on the show today, her book millionaire attitude is a book about her true story where she has gone from adversity to success, revised action steps so that women can learn how to think bigger, set themselves realistic goals, achieve them no matter where they are right now in their life. It is all about activating the success factor that each of us has already, has deep inside but that may have become dormant from past experiences. It is all about living the life you are born to live with tips, tools, strategies and action plans to help you get their faster than you even dream to the possible and today she is going to share some of those tips and strategies. So welcome to the show Pam.

Pam: – Thank you very much Annemarie.

Annemarie: – I am very excited to talk to you about your new book. So tell me what inspired you to write a book.Millionaire Attitude

Pam: – complete madness that I have done it I have to say. I have this idea and this desire to write my book probably about 2 years now and what happen was I ran an event, She experts event at the beginning of the last year and I had this really amazing women come to my event and my whole goal for this event was just to on day one to find out what was it costs drink, day to teach them how to market themselves, day three create an action plan. Well at the beginning of this event, I could see the women; they were looking to me as if to say if hey Pam, I really loved to be but I don’t think that I can do it. They had no self-belief in themselves and I thought, “Are you crazy?” smart, intelligent women sitting in my room, you could be me now. What I find out then was people were stuck in the mindset and self-belief before they could move forward. Not that my rest of weekend is a waste of time if these girls don’t believe that they can do it. So that’s when I decided you know what I am going to show them how I shifted my mindset and help them get themselves belief back so that they can do what they want to do now, not just wishing that they could do it. And that was the inspiration behind the book.

Annemarie: – That is incredible. That’s exactly the same thing that I have too. You talk to women, you think ‘wow’, but when you really get close you hear their stories it is like that is lack of self-belief really stops them from living their dreams which is really sad. So really exciting that you got this book out and of course the book is Your Millionaire Attitude and I love the way that you have assigned words to the each of the letters to attitude. Do you want to just go through those and let all the listeners know, what are the words and meanings behind the word “attitude?”

Pam: – Now you are going to throw me because I do not have my book in front of me. Let’s see if I can remember them. So obviously highest attitude, a attitude is having a positive attitude. What I teach people is that the attitude has a compounding affect and has no preference. So if you just got a bad attitude, you just keep compounding going that way. If you have a positive attitude you are compounding in the right direction. So every day you can reset that attitude because I believe realistically that everybody is not perfect, they are going to like up and you have got a bad morning. But if you are aware of it and the compounding affect you can choose which way it is going to go. So that is what attitude is a key and the key is for thinking bigger. And I go into what thinking is about because people see as a big picture word but I explain that thinking bigger, is one believing that you can do it and two getting off your butt and doing it. So thinking about what you want to do, where you are right now, setting yourself realistic goals, realistic is a key word not setting up for failure and stretching yourself a little bit further then where you currently are.

Annemarie: – You know l loved that because I think lot of us get into our comfort zone and we really don’t step out of that and as you say in Your Millionaire Attitude, you really do need to think bigger and stretch yourself, otherwise yeah you are going to sit in the same old rut that you have been sitting in for many years because you don’t dare to dream bigger.

– Well, that is why you have to grow because everybody has to grow. We have even Richard Branson, he doesn’t stop even though he probably reached highest pinnacle. He still strives to be more innovative and find something new. So there is no need to stop, just keep thinking bigger. So that is what the key is and the second key is for teachers. Mentors have a huge impact on my success and I see lot of people seeing like I used to be because I give myself a prime example throughout the book. I even figure out for myself. I don’t think I am pretty smart, I don’t need to spend 5 or 6 or $10000 on my education. I can figure it out and you know what I thought I couldn’t. But I still realize that if I want to succeed in this lifetime I had to go and learn from the people who are already where I want to be. And as soon as I shifted that mindset, it started valuing that I deserve to invest in me and that was the mindset shifted that I deserve for myself first because as mothers sometimes we put ourselves last then my whole world shifted. And more I invested in me, the more money I made.

Annemarie: – You know I have a few conversations with colleagues and I am the same. I am always looking for mentors, teachers and coaches because they really do stretch you and just having that support person there is just so very important. And you hear people saying well my coaching programs aren’t selling or it is not going really well. When you talked to them who are in you investing in and they say‘no one’, so it is like well like if you won’t invest in yourself how do you expect others to invest in you. That’s an amazing mindset shift and can really make a huge impact in your business. I love the way that you have written down a checklist as to all of things that you really keep an eye out for in potential mentor and that is such a great list.

Pam: – Well thank you, I thought everybody is obviously have their own things set as they meant to. But I wanted to use as an example because I see a lot of people sort of blaming the mentor for their lack of results and not all mentors are created equally, you are going to get some people who are not right for you. So I thought If I encourage people to write a checklist what they are looking for in their mentor they can use that to find the right mentor for them.

Annemarie: – Yeah! Very important, now I for implementation, this is so very important. Isn’t it? Do you just want to talk briefly about implementation?

Pam: – Okay, implementation is basically what is the point of having a teacher if you don’t action what they teach you? Really, you can be really a smart learner but you are not getting any results if you don’t implement what you have taught. So implementation is all about you spend the money that you have invested in yourself, now get out there I call it failing forward, you are going to make a lot of mistakes. You are going to make a lot, I made thousands and follow them and I bump them many times I have lost count. But every time I failed, I learned something new. And that’s got me where I am today.

Annemarie: – So important, because we can do all of the planning, we can do all of the strategiszng but if we don’t take action, implemented in and don’t see it through. It just stays there as a piece of paper or thought or dream of what we want to achieve. So implementation is really important. So you got another T there is for trust.

Pam: – Yeah, trust is my number one. Attitude and trust go hand in hand. What I find out with the lot of women is that they had a lot of bad experiences in their life. And I know that I have a fair share which I have share in the book. And people get real bit lost and they are little bit scare and get out there and have enough to go but I trying and said people you know things are going to happen, things are going to wrong.You just have to be able to trust that 95% of people out there that are good people and that you just go back out there and have another go because the way that I see it, is this a life that you saw for yourself? And if it is not then stop living in the past, start trusting again and then get back out there because If you have one more try then you might just get it.

Annemarie: – Yeah! And I love one of the steps that you said is to write down your core values and make a pact to live by these values and similarly to and sort of writing down the core values of the people that you want to work with that you want to attract your ideal client. All of those values are just so important. Aren’t they?

Pam: – It is really important for me and something that I insisted and feel very strong about as a mother with my son because my mom is still in with me. If you treat people the way they deserve to be treated and you trust and you operate with integrity, love, passion and support and live your life just being a good person then you find that you tend to attract the same people in your life. So values and trust are really important to being happy with your success. You know there are lot of successful people out there who aren’t happy because they have gain success through means that really didn’t posed integrity, honesty and they really feel good about their achievements. So that is important.

Annemarie: – That is important. I think it goes back to attitude that you were talking about before self-belief. So if you really have such a clear understanding and awareness of your core values and the core values of the people that you want to attract and then you continue to really have that belief that they are out there and you concentrating on building those relationships with positive people, inspiring people, people who are going to bring you forward and take you forward with them then that is so important. Again concentrating on the negative things that are happening or the bad things that are happening in your life and with the people that you may have the unfortunate experience with so very important.

Pam: – Yes, it is and what I teach in the book is that you just really want to hang out with light minded people. So if you want to, not everybody wants to be a millionaire that is fine. But if you have life style choices then you don’t hang out with the people who are living in those life style choices or you are very strong on values and getting back to community where you don’t hang out with the people who are really successfully achieving that goal, Like attracts like.

Annemarie: – So let’s talk about uniqueness, U for uniqueness.

Pam: – Uniqueness is a big favorite of mine and something that I learned a little bit later. In the last couple of years, I just tried to always blend in until one of my mentors Karen told me that standing out is your biggest gift. You all have your own cause strengths. Everybody else tries to be like other people when I first got out there, I said I will be the Ally Brown in Australia and then I found that I want to become Richard Branson and then I want to become Frank Kern and then all of us sudden realize that after learning with Frank, you know what Frank has got his own uniqueness. I can never be him. Ally Brown has her own gifts and cause strengths and weakness, why don’t I just focus on what values I can add and find out my own uniqueness and then market that. And as soon as I started doing in that and just being Pam Brossman instead of trying to be someone else, my whole world change. So that is the value that I could add in the value that I could give.

Annemarie: – Yeah! Look I so relate to that –having been a Branding Strategist for many years. That is the one of the things that I say to people – be authentic. Just be you, don’t try to be someone else because that is going to exhausting if you want to try and show up as someone else with their values and their characteristics, you know just be yourself and that is amazing. You know something else about uniqueness and standing out that way no one can really copy, they can try but no one else is Pam Brossman. So if they try what you are doing it is going to be very difficult for them and I think it is okay. We just need to trust in whatever, what I call brilliance and when you really let that shine out in the world it is amazing that the things can happen.

Pam: – Yes, Annemarie. The book that I talk about this is my opinion that how a lot of the same people with this same skill set and knowledge will do the same cause. But they will get different results. It because some people are taking what they learn and adding their own uniqueness and making it their own and that is why they are getting ahead and other people are just trying to copy and get the same results. Well you can’t get the same results because you are not that persona of the person who is getting those results.

Annemarie: – You know one of the things you are talking about trust and understanding values there are going to be other people who will be your ideal clients who just resonate totally with the message that you portrait because it is who you are, who you show up in the world so well you have the similar message, the way in which your whole lesson, I think you being and how you interact with them that is so unique and I think that no one can copy that. So I think uniqueness is just so very important. Now deeper determination I love this one. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Pam: – Okay, determination is basically be not giving up. Look you are going to try things and some of them are going to work and some of them aren’t going to work. And I also talk about this as having a strong why. When you want something badly enough and your why is as to reason behind that why you wanted and why you want to achieve it is strong enough then the determination to succeed is there because as far as you is not just an option. You just keep failing forward until you get where you want to go. So determination is like a destination and all of the rest attitude, thinking bigger, teaches, implementation, trust and uniqueness are all the steps. It is a road map. It is a journey on the way to the destination. But determination will be the one that will make you succeed because if you give up then you never know.

Annemarie: – You know one of my favorite saying’s is that there is no such thing as failure. There is only feedback. So if you try something you just need to quite get the results that you want, change some of the steps that you took and hopefully next time you will have better outcome and if not just keep trying. And I love the quote that you mentioned in the beginning of the chapter successful people never give up they just keep going until they get what they want and I think that is such a strong lesson for us all. Isn’t it? If we fall down get back up and go again.

Annemarie: I loved what you shared so far and I know you got lots more golden targets to share with us. Let’s just take a brief break and hear a message from our sponsor.

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Welcome back, let’s rejoin Pam Brossman to find out how we can build our millionaire attitude.

Pam: – You know what else Annemarie, this is true because your journey will change. You might have a goal to begin with but you will find is an opportunities and doors will open that you couldn’t visualize at the beginning. So your direction might change. You really not finding it, even though you will not get what you thought you were going, you are just moving in another direction that is even better than the one that you even thought of.

Annemarie: – And that is so true and if you keep your mindset and your eyes open on that to learning those new opportunities you all of sudden wow look where I am and if you are too busy concentrating on looking behind and looking at I failed again, things like that you will miss out on all of those amazing things that are happening along the way.

Pam: -And one good thing is that Annemarie that I have learned the hard way, so my book is realistic. I wanted to tell what it was really like. You know you read these books and it is all about success and all the magic. Well, I am telling you right now that success is hard work and I wanted to write this book to tell women that is not good stuff and things that went wrong and how I lost the lot s of money and the things that hurt. But then I wanted to teach them the action steps, how do I get out of that. So that they could see that there is always a solution.

Annemarie: – And I think as a women, we love stories like that because we are late to them. Don’t we. Well yes, if Pam can do it, so can I, so inspiring. Let’s talk about E for Elevation and you got that in the beginning of the chapter, keep climbing to the top of the mountain and when you get there find another one to climb.

Pam: – The reason why I wrote elevation, the elevation is sort of in line of thinking bigger but some people have goals that they set for themselves and they get there and they are happy. I call that reaching the success plateau. You know they don’t have high aspirations, they just have a place in life that they want to get to or goal in life that they want to achieve, they achieve it and they are happy. And that is fantastic. But then you get those people like the Richard Brenton’s of the world and Steve Jobs who get there and they just want to go higher. So I just want to write down about just being open to the possibilities that you don’t have to stop when you get there. Just keep going. Why? Because you can. And that is how I live. I just want to keep going. I mean I have reached many of my goals and when I get there I was like wow, I don’t think that I can do that. I wonder if I could do this. And I get out there and have another go in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but I have learned that if it does not works doesn’t matter. Try something else, so I do.

Annemarie: – Thank you for sharing that. I think we can all relate to that and I love the stories that you have shared in the book as well. So what was your ultimate goal before this book?

Pam: – My ultimate goal has probably already happened with the other few of the people who have read my book. I had a lady that I invited to read my book and she said Pam I love to promote to my women’s community and I said that would be fabulous and so I rent her the copy of the book and she read it and a couple of days later I was waiting for her review and she came back and sit and said oh Pam I love the book. I have already resonated with it, having a sister and my stories and then two days later, I get this email from her and she said Pam I just sent you another thank you. I said what for and she said I got a phone call night after I sent you a review and my father has passed away. And she said I took that very hard because he was a leader, strong leader of her family. And she said, I just fell apart and she said then I read your book again and she said it was that teachings in the book that I believe that my dad had a millionaire attitude and he want the same thing in me. And she said allow me to get through the funeral and allow me to keep the family unit together and move forward. So my book impacted someone’s life and that is what I want from the book.

Annemarie: – That is incredible. I’m sure that brought tears to your eyes when you received that comment in that email.

Pam: – It did bring tears to my eyes because it made me feel like that I knew that this story to be told because there higher wrenching stories and I have lot of women who have read my book who said that they have cried because may be because they have loss in their own life or they have some tragedy or they financially got themselves in a mess. And they just can’t relate to the headache that I have in my life. And it turns out to it, you know what Pam you just snapped me out of it. I am not going to live in the past anymore. I have to get back out there and start living my dream, you know while I see it. And then I feel, you know what this book was supposed to be written and that is why I wrote it.

Annemarie: – How many days did it take to you to write that book?

Pam: – I gave myself seven and I talk that about in the book, I talk about the fourth implementation strategy, I do it all the times, I did it with the magazine. Sometimes, I drive myself nuts doing it because and I do it with she connect. I was right, I came with the idea on the plane on my way back to the America and then when I got back home the first thing that I did was social media and said I am running an event in February who is coming? Had no idea what I was doing but the same thing with the book. I decided that I want to write down the book and then I thought if I don’t give myself deadline in social media then I will put it off for another year. So I said I think that I can do it in seven days. So it became all my marketing strategy for the book because no one can write down the book in seven days now they were saying alright Pam. So I almost challenge myself okay you don’t believe that I can do it and once someone brings Pam Brossman a challenge, you just watch me go.

Annemarie: – So did you sleep through that time at all in those 8 days?

Pam: – Well the funny thing was it was over Christmas. So that is why it was a perfect time because I do not work over Christmas, so writing a story actually quite cathartic for me. We were in the country and it was quite time had my cousins with and I was just relaxing. So what was in my head, I just put it on paper. And it just came out and I knew what I wanted to do and did I do I 7 days no I didn’t I did in 8. So it took me 8 days to do it and then I didn’t know when I was going to publish because I never publish before. I never done on print on them and I have no idea what I was doing and I knew that I have to write a book and turn it kindle get like someone double it for me but you know what I want to get to my she connect to it. So then I thought oh gosh I got a lesson in 8 weeks to figure out how to do it. So that is why I did it. I write a marketing plan, created a strategy, find out how you can print on the main book, did all the research because I said what I am going to do is that I know that there are lot of other people who like to learn how to do it, so I have to do it myself to be able to teach it. So then became a learning experience for me.

Annemarie: – When I read that you have written in 8 days, I have heard a people writing a book in 30 days, 35 days that was impressive. When I saw that you have written in 8 days then I thought:“Man that woman is on fire!” Well that is incredible.

Pam: – But that is framework and I learned that and I just came back from Brandon event’s and he was teaching you about framework and how to write your book. And I listen to his framework idea and he said there are two ways that you can write a book, you can have the framework where 10 steps to getting to certain destination and then each one of those chapters leads to the destination or you can do the framework where each chapter is self-contained. So I write the book okay, what would I want to teach people my key message is your attitude and your mindset to get your results and all of the sudden an idea that attitude was the main word and that became the chapters and each of those chapters for self-contained. So I followed his framework and the word Attitude had 8 letters, 8 is my lucky number. So I resonated with what I was supposed to do on the word attitude. So that is what I did.

Annemarie: – And you wrote that in 8 days. How is that? It was just meant to be. Wasn’t it?

Pam: – It was just very meant to be. Yeah, I am very funny with the numbers.

Annemarie: – I mean the whole book as you said is filled with your stories, your success stories, the ones that you want to share is learning for everybody and you have lived through it, so you very much are you set an example and I think that is just so amazing, I think as you said sometimes you read book and you just can’t relate to them and you think yeah this person is there because you lived this and sharing the story, I think is just really incredible. Now you have got a tool that you used to keep you moving forward and you are going to share that with our listeners today. Yes?

Pam: – I have got the millionaire attitude journals. It is really based on the book but it is a tool that I was given by my sister actually. She was a life coach at that time and it helped me through a hurdle in my life. I was trying to find the right partner for me, so I use her journal idea and so I focused on this journal and reason why I wanted to create the journal along with the book is that changing your attitude is a habit, is not going to happen in day one, is not going to happen in week one but it happens over time. So I thought how I can keep people moving forward with what I am teaching in the book as I mentioned before there are action steps at the end of these chapters. So I put them in a journal and in journal what I teach people to do is one that they write down in perfect day is so that they got their mind visually. If I had no monetary constraints what would be my perfect day is like. For a minute I woke up and minute I go to the bed. And then I get them in journal 2 get visual pictures of the things that I wanted to achieve and then I have write down their top five goals and then the number one goal that going to achieve in next 12 months and then the journal takes them through getting to that goal. So every day they have to write down, five things that they are grateful for that day. Three positive things that happened to them in that day and three positive things that they want to action next day and the reason why I do that because your forward thinking the positive actions for the next day then I give them a line what they say it is red, I believe some people something happen during the day you might not lose money, you want to get them out of your chest, what is the line being, no one has the perfect day every day, get it off your chest and then let it go. Then they have to write their day out of 10 and the purpose of the journal is that every day you have to beat the school from the day before. And it moves you forward and the habit becomes a part of, you then start to live this positive attitude mindset and things that are happening when you start doing that every day is amazing. It just opens your mind to things that you were not able to see because you were so negative and stuck in the past.

Annemarie: – That is incredible and the story that you share in your book is very much how you put down lot of things that you want in partner and all of sudden he was all the things that you want in perfect partner.

Pam: – It was almost freaky Annemarie because I was not interval in this law of attraction jumble stuff it is just not me but I do believe that we all have energy and if you are giving up your positive energy then you will attract positive people or positive opportunities in general life. I really believe that. So when I was focusing on meeting my partner and I got that specific because that is what my sister told me write down to what color underwear you like where, I thought it was a little mumbo jumbo but I thought what I got to lose, I did it anyways but seriously my husband out of probably out of the whole list is 95% exactly what I wrote. It was amazing, he freaked down when I showed him the list. He thought that it was so cool and so we have implemented in our life in the sense.

Annemarie: – That is amazing. So true, I loved that and I think lot of us what we tend to do is we have an idea what we want but we really don’t get specific, we don’t put down why but once we do, we made this conscious actions you know it is there on paper and it is incredible and I think it is then you then start attracting those and you notice them when you are there. I think that makes an incredible difference. Now how can people get a copy of your book?

Pam: -Well it is available on Amazon. If you want someone who has the audio which is very-2 popular lot of people like to listen to another pdf, e version of journal so that will go to

Annemarie: – Fabulous, Pam, it is always pleasure to catch you, You are always doing millions of different things in your business and learning a lot of things and sharing those learnings so it is has been amazing to catch up with you. Congratulations on the book, I know it is going to impact many peoples lives. So thank for sharing that message with our listeners today.

Pam: – Thank you so much for having me on the show. I really hope that some of your readers get a chance to read my book and I hope they enjoy it. If they are stuck in their life, I just want to leave you message of you can achieve anything, you just have to believe that you can do it and then just get out there and have a go. The rest you will figure out along the way.

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