Did you realise that your relationship with money can mirror other areas in your life?Window with curtains

One of my mentors often says: “How you do money – is how you do everything,” which if you’re hearing for the very first time – may be difficult to comprehend.

It was for me. However, after some personal reflection, I realized my mentor was right. The relationship I had with money really was a window into my soul – and mirrored what was happening in other areas of my life.

Let’s look at this more closely by reviewing my article: Money Mindset: Your Money DNA – Are you an over-deliverer?

In the article I spoke about the Sacred Money Archetype of Nurturer and because of the Nurturer basing their self-worth on delivering immense value – they will often over-deliver and even undercharge for their services.

If we were to look at the Nurturers personal life, she may also be over-delivering here too, by constantly putting others first to the detriment of her health and well-being.

Not only would she be there at the beck and call of her family, friends and colleagues, she may also be volunteering with associations and causes she feels passionate about – stretching herself to the limit.

It’s in her DNA (i.e. her Money DNA) to be that way. It’s what drives her; it’s what she stands for.

Her loyalty, her generosity, and her deep desire to help others often result in her caring for others and putting others first – to the detriment of herself and her well-being.

In my work with clients, by knowing their Sacred Money Archetypes I can help them identify and work through these unhelpful patterns – the same patterns that keep them stuck from building the business of their dreams, doing what they love.

For instance:

  • The Sacred Money Archetype of Ruler who’s ambition is driven by the belief that ‘you have to work hard’ may also be experiencing feelings of not being good enough in other areas of her life, causing her immense disappointment; or
  • The Sacred Money Archetype of Connector, who has a deep desire to develop heart-to-heart connections and doesn’t really think about or concern herself with making  money, may just find herself being taken advantage financially in her life.

So, considering then that our relationship with money (our Money DNA) is a window into our soul, take some time to reflect on the following questions:

  • How would you describe YOUR current relationship with money?
  • What negative patterns around money are showing up in your business?
  • How is this being mirrored and played out in other areas of your life?

And more importantly, what’s one thing you can do to start creating helpful patterns so you can break through the current pattern that is keeping you stuck?

One step may be to discover what your Sacred Money Archetype is and to gain a deeper understanding of the negative patterns currently causing an invisible ceiling on your income? Are you confused why you’re unable to take your business to the next level, or why you’re constantly in a feast and famine cycle? I can show you why this is happening and what to do to put a stop to this pattern.

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