How can you capture your ideal clients’ attention? With a powerful Signature Brand!

Today’s the big day – the launch of your new business.Your Signature Brand

Your website is live; your business cards are printed; all of your social media profiles have been set up; and you’ve even attended a few networking events over the last few weeks to tell people about your exciting launch.

Feeling proud of what you have accomplished, you push a few buttons to send out your tweet to direct people to your sales page, you sit back and wait for the telephone to ring and your inbox to be flooded with emails from prospects wanting to hire you.

But, the opposite happens.

Weeks (or even months) have gone by yet despite all of the social media marketing and networking you’re doing, while there’s interest from the people you’re connecting with – people are just not handing you their credit card details to invest.

Or, they baulk at your prices and are never to be heard from again.

So what’s gone wrong?

You did everything the “Start Your Own Business” manuals told you to do.

Unfortunately this is one of the things I see time and again – service-based business with amazing services and products, struggling to convert prospects into customers.

Here are some of the common reasons why:

Recognise any?

  • They haven’t distinguished their services from their competitors and are not showing compelling reasons why a prospect should hire them.
  • Their message is not connecting with the emotions of their ideal clients.
  • They aren’t positioning themselves as an authority in their field.
  • They’re attracting the wrong sort of client who expects them to work for free or provide way too much time/resources than what they have paid for.
  • They struggle to create a powerful introduction/tag line and fail to seize the interest and opportunity to speak further (both in person and online) to their target market.
  • They’ve introduced themselves however people are still struggling to understand the value they offer because their introduction is too broad, has too many concepts, or includes language that is wishy-washy or filled with jargon. They are confusing their prospects and confused people say ‘no’.

In essence, they haven’t taken the time to identify and build their Signature Brand, which should provide a strong message that speaks to all of these areas.

What about you?

Do you have a Signature Brand that speaks directly to the needs of your niche/target market? A Signature Brand that continues to position you as a specialist in your field, and also incorporates that special element that prospects select ‘you’ rather than your competitors?

Hopefully you’ve answered ‘yes’ and are attracting a steady flow of ideal clients to your door.

However, if you’re not yet at that stage, but would like to be, here are 5 steps you need to take to develop your client-capturing and income-generating Signature Brand:

Step 1 to a powerful Signature Brand:

Define your Brand Attributes; your characteristics, unique qualities; your quirkiness.

Step 2 to a powerful Signature Brand:

Make a list of your Brand Strengths; your gifts and talents. The things you are naturally good at.

Step 3 to a powerful Signature Brand:

Define your Brand Promise; the experience people can expect when working with you. It’s what you guarantee them, time and again when working with you.

Step 4 to a powerful Signature Brand:

[This is my favourite step in the process where you breathe life and soul into your brand]. It’s your Brand Essence; and your Brand Story.

I use the Branding with Archetypes system to define a person’s Brand Essence.

I am the Explorer (Primary Archetype) / Ruler (Influencing Archetype) and continue to weave elements of my brand in all my messages.

Throughout my writing; in the banner at the top of my website; in the way I craft the titles to my packages and programs; and in the way I show up in my events.

I speak more about how and why I do this in my Brand Story.

Step 5 to a powerful Signature Brand:

Put these elements together, tweak and refine until the message and each of the elements you create are authentic and ‘fit’ with who you are.

That’s your Signature Brand.

And remember, make sure you incorporate elements of your Signature Brand throughout all of your marketing and communications so that you speak directly to your target market, and continue to confirm why they should hire you.

What do you think – was this helpful? Do you think it’s important to have a Signature Brand, or not?

Feel free to leave your thoughts. It’s always great to hear from you.


Till next time – stay inspired!!

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