Here are 22 of my favourite Mindset posts that I have been sharing with my Twitter followers over the last few months.

The level of success and achievement that we reach in our businesses is very much determined by our attitude and our mindset. Is your mindset supporting or hindering your business's growth? I certainly hope it's not the later.

  1. Biz Owners: Attitude is everything. Is your attitude blocking you from stepping forward powerfully in your business?
  2. Life is a cup to be filled not drained [Anonymous]. Is something 'draining' you and preventing you from being all that you can be?
  3. Business Owners: what's one excuse you constantly use that's blocking your progress and no longer serves you? Will you let it go?
  4. Business Owners: mistakes happen. Turn them into valuable learning opportunities to strengthen and drive you forward.
  5. Procrastination will prevent you from achieving your biz goals. Plan and take 1 action step daily to ensure you constantly move forward.
  6. Setting positive intentions at the beginning of the day creates a supportive & empowering mindset. Are you setting positive intentions?
  7. What you say to yourself when you're by yourself is important. How's your inner voice affecting your biz growth?
  8. Attitude and mindset is vital. Is your mindset/attitude towards money preventing you from earning the income you'd like?
  9. Our core beliefs determine our actions & results. Do you have unhelpful beliefs blocking you from creating the business you want?
  10. Where we put our attention, energy and focus determines what we'll achieve and attract. What are you currently focusing on?
  11. Had a setback? What are 3 things you can learn from this that will enable you to move forward with confidence?
  12. Self-doubt is a business barrier. In what areas of your business do you doubt your abilities?
  13. In-action is a business barrier. In what areas of your business do you need an accountability partner to keep you focused?
  14. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. [Aristotle]
  15. Negative self-talk can inhibit your business's growth. Are you blocking your biz's progress because of what you're thinking and saying?
  16. Attitude is everything. Did you know that how you manage your money (money mindset) could impact the level of income you make?
  17. Attitude is everything. What's your reaction when dealing with a business challenge? Do you look for possibilities?
  18. Self doubt is a business barrier? What do you need to tell yourself that will enable you to believe in your strengths and talents.
  19. Perfectionism is a business barrier. Aim for action and completion to maintain momentum towards your goals.
  20. Being surrounded by constant criticism and pessimism is a business barrier. Be conscious of the people you hang out with.
  21. Don't limit yourself by others limited imaginations. Dream big; take courageous steps; and believe you can!
  22. Fear of failure is a business barrier. Remember, there's no such thing as failure – it's only feedback.

So, which is your favourite? If you liked some of these quotes, please click the 'Like' button below and other buttons to share these with your friends and colleagues. As always, I really appreciate it. Oh yeah, while you're here, drop me a comment. I love hearing from my special readers – that's right, YOU!

Have an awesome, inspired day!


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