Want to increase your credibility, visibility and hireability? Read on…

Struggling to stand out in a competitive market place and unsure what else you could be doing to reverse this?

Here are over 50 ways you can increase your level of credibility, visibility and hireability so that next time an ideal client is ready to move forward – YOU are the person they decide to credibility, visibility and hireabilityinvest in.

Which will you start implementing today?

Increase Credibility with a Powerful Signature Brand:

  1. Take the time to define and build a Signature Brand that is authentic  and that will distinguish you from your competitors
  2. Develop a professional bio across all your social media and online profiles to build a consistent on-brand message about you and the value you offer
  3. Include a link on your social media and online profiles that directs visitors back to a web page that continues to add value and showcase your expertise
  4. Create a well-written ‘About Me’ page that captures your brand voice so readers can get a sense of the ‘real’ you
  5. Develop  a succinct Media Page to make it easier for media representatives to learn more about you and how you can help them

Increase Visibility by Creating & Sharing Compelling Content:

  1. Answer a pressing question that your ideal client often asks and publish this on your blog
  2. Search for other popular blogs (relevant to your field of expertise) and contribute thoughtful comments on selected blog posts
  3. Write a book/product review
  4. Write a book and self-publish it
  5. Write an ebook
  6. Write a white paper
  7.  Setup a YouTube channel and continue to create informative videos
  8. Setup an iTunes channel and continue to create inspiring podcasts
  9. Establish an online Radio show / podcast
  10. Record a podcast with Audacity and include in a blog post
  11. Record an audio tip (with Audioboo.fm)
  12. Be interviewed by a colleague and use the audio as part of your next blog post
  13. Write a series of helpful tweets using relevant hashtags to get your message in front of your ideal client
  14. Know target keywords and phrases you ideal audience uses and sprinkle throughout your blog post
  15. Write a guest blog post/article and submit for consider to a popular blog that you know is frequently visited and read by your ideal client
  16. Speaking: Get invited to be a keynote speaker on a Telesummit that targets your ideal client
  17. Attend a conference and write a number of posts about the speakers/topics and share your viewpoints
  18. Regularly update your social media feeds with relevant, helpful information
  19. Write a series of blog posts and schedule these to go out every second day. Make sure you tell your followers beforehand to create interest and anticipation for each upcoming post
  20. Answer relevant questions on your topic of expertise on LinkedIn Answers
  21. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and continue to build relationships with group members
  22. Contribute to discussions and share your viewpoints on LinkedIn groups
  23. Start a discussion on LinkedIn groups and encourage feedback
  24. Share relevant resources (including articles, videos, podcasts etc) that will be helpful to your followers
  25. Join a local networking group and continue to build and strengthen relationships within the group
  26. Offer to speak at networking groups
  27. Send out a well-written press release to capture attention of journalist specializing in your industry
  28. Foster relationships with journalist/bloggers in your industry and become known as a reliable source
  29. Seek out joint venture opportunities and create an amazing product/service through your collaboration that continues to showcase your expertise in front of a larger audience
  30. Write and send out a regular newsletter to your database/list
  31. Monitor your social media feeds and contribute to conversations relevant to your field of expertise
  32. Start a conversation on a forum relevant to your field of expertise and invite other people to comment and share their viewpoints

Increase Hireability by Maintaining a Solid Reputation

  1. Don’t destroy all the hard work you’ve done (through implementing the steps above) by creating digital dirt. Remember, it can take a life-time to build a solid reputation, which can be tarnished overnight by doing, saying or sharing something that is totally inappropriate
  2. Continue to portray a consistent on-brand message in EVERYTHING you do and say, even the groups you join and the people you associate with
  3. Monitor your social networks /online discussions about you and your company and respond accordingly
  4. Compile testimonials from satisfied clients and showcase these on your website. Ensure comments include specific measurable outcomes
  5. Collate snapshots of ‘thanks you’s’ and other impressive comments about you (with permission of course) mentioned across social media platforms and showcase these on your website
  6. Ensure your ‘About Me’ page includes snippets/comments of satisfied customers as well as awards/other recognition
  7. Bring your video camera with you when you are a guest speaker and record videos of individual participants singing your praise. Include in your ‘About Me’ and Testimonial page
  8. Continue to do as much as you can from the ‘Creating & Sharing Compelling Content’ section above to build a reputation as an authority in your field
  9. Build your Signature System and ensure you also have all the other 4 key pillars in place to increase your hireability

And in summary:

  1. Plan and schedule your content development strategy outlining which ways you are going to implement in order to build your visibility
  2. Make sure you are doing at least one of these things every single day
  3. Be consistent in what you send out including being on-brand in everything that you do and how regularly you post/share information
  4. Monitor and track what you do regularly so that you can identify what’s working and continue to do this, and identify what’s not working so you can tweak in order to get better results
  5. Don’t give up if results aren’t immediate. It takes time and commitment to build credibility, visibility and hireability. Stick with it!!!!

Bonus Tip:

  1. Ensure core elements of your Signature Brand are captured and communicated across all your brand touch points including your:
    • Logo
    • Business card
    • Business stationary
    • Answering machine message
    • Email signature
    • Website
    •  Social media platform backgrounds/graphics
    • Office furniture
    • Your personal image/presentation
    • Presentation material
    • Email address, etc

Have Your Say:

So what do you think? Are you doing these things already? If not, which are you going to start implementing so that you can begin building your credibility, visibility and hireability? Let me know. It’s always such a pleasure to hear from you!

To your success and brilliance!

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