Ever find yourself starring at a blank screen with no idea what to write about? It’s frustrating and something many business owners (who are trying to build their online presence) are confronted with daily. Here are 7 inspirational post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tossed and turned, and struggled to come up with fresh ideas for an article.

With a publish deadline looming, there’s nothing worse than waiting for your fingers to start tapping out your next brilliant masterpiece.

But, what you get instead is nada; nothing; zilch.

Thankfully, a few months ago, that changed.

I stumbled across Michael Hyatt’s website/blog and learned that he blogged three times a week.

Three times a week! Now that’s impressive.

It was then I decided to get a little more serious about my blogging efforts and map out the next four weeks of content.

It didn’t take long before I had my Audio Biz Tips; my Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and Coaches Connection Podcasts; and my articles all planned out. All sixteen of them.

Having the main topics already planned, made it so much easier when it came to write the content.

In fact, now I have several of my audio biz tips and podcast recorded and ready to publish, something I’ve never been able to achieve before.

How did I do it?

Here are 7 inspirational post ideas that I used to come up with topics for my articles. Feel free to use them for inspiration the next time you get stuck for an idea.

1. Listen out for what people are struggling with

People will often speak about what they’re struggling with – you just need to be listening out for these golden nuggets.

Recently I working with a buddy coach and during one of our coaching sessions, she mentioned something she had been struggling with for quite some time. We talked about her fears and previous experiences, while also coming up with some actions steps she could work on.

I had also heard a few of my colleagues mention similar issues a few weeks prior, and after hearing my buddy coach confirm she was having similar issues. I knew exactly what my next article was going to be about: Networking 101: 3 Steps To Banish Networking Nerves.

2. Ask people

People will gladly share the challenges they are facing – you just need to ask them.

When people sign up to access my Free 10-week Biz Success Series for Coaches, in my Welcome Message I ask them this question:

“What’s your biggest question about growing a successful coaching practice? There is no such thing as a dumb question, so hit reply and send it through to me.”

The responses and insights I have received from my community have been fantastic and have given me ideas for topics that have become articles and trainings.

One of the most recent question that has come through is from Elle, where she asks:

“How do I structure the sessions to make sure I am giving valuable ‘bite size’ pieces of info without overwhelming the client (and myself)?”

What a wonderful questions – and one I will certainly address in future trainings.

Not sure what your ideal client is struggling with? Ask them!

3. Brainstorm ideas with a colleague

Two minds are often better than one – invite someone to a brainstorming session.

I’m fortunate to have some incredible like-minded colleagues and when we get together for a brainstorming session, the ideas that come out of those sessions, are invaluable.

My most recent brainstorming session prompted several articles on Networking, one of which was published in a National Magazine, another picked up in a digital magazine, and I was recently interviewed about the topic on a US-based Radio show,

I have also created and conducted a one-day in-person workshop – Network & Communicate With Confidence, which has received incredible feedback, so will be running the workshop again in January.

Not bad results for a 30-minute brainstorm.

4. Keep your ears open to topics of conversation

Inspiration for topics are all around you – you just need to be open to hearing them.

Skills You Need.com nailed it when they said:  “Effective listening requires concentration and the use of your other senses – not just hearing the words spoken.  Listening is not the same as hearing and in order to listen effectively you need to use more than just your ears.”

I love speaking in public, and while I knew that some people feared the thought of speaking to a group of people, I didn’t appreciated the intensity of their fear and how it was crippling them.

By hearing and listening effectively to a group of women I was speaking with at a recent networking event, it opened up a floodgate of topic ideas around Public Speaking.

This then lead to the creation of an entirely new program offering Signature Talk Profit Secrets and further speaking engagements and training workshops.

Learn to listen effectively – you could just hear your next big topic and million dollar business idea.

5. Things that annoy you

Something got your heart racing and your blood pumping? Write about it.

My mission, purpose, and ‘stand for’ is inspiring hope, possibility and greatness in others.

So when I hear/see something happening that could threaten that for someone – I spring into action.

It was during a conversation with a prospective client; an article I had stumbled across; and something I heard another business coach say – that made my heart start racing and my blood pump a little faster. So I wrote about it: Business Branding and Niching: Important and Relevant or A Waste of Time?

Have you seen and/or heard something that you disagree with? Write about it. 

6. Keep your eyes open

Ideas are all around you – you just need to recognize them.

A few years ago I was driving my (then) young children to school. As I neared the drop off point I noticed one of the cars had parked rather awkwardly with the back of the car jutting out onto the road and blocking anyone from passing.

As I sat there waiting, the thought “obviously she can’t park,” did cross my mind, however traffic jams during the morning school rush are quite common.

Until she drove off and I read the big sign that was plastered across the side of her car: [Name] Safe Driving School, along with their contact number.

Oh really? Safe? This prompted my article: To Be or Not To Be – On Brand?

Keep your eyes open. Trust me, people’s actions can prompt your next topic idea.

7. Hot topics mentioned on TV/radio

Other people are writing/speaking about great topics – go ahead and leverage them.

When I watch TV or listen to the radio – there are often great topics of conversation going on that I can leverage and put my own thoughts to.

One topic that had the media in a frenzy was when a freelance journalist (who was attending an event) tweeted a comment.

I’m sure she (now) wishes she had re-thought her comment. Within minutes of her pressing send – it went viral.

The next morning she was the major headline and being debated across several newspapers, TV and radio stations, followed by her employer terminating her contract.

All within 24 hours of her sending a tweet.

I jumped into the conversation and wrote: Brand Check up: Are You Building and Monitoring Your Online Profile?  


Question: Do you have a technique you use to spark topic ideas for your articles? Go ahead and share by clicking here.


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