Welcome to Episode 1 of Women In Leadership PodcastIn this episode Dr. Karen Keller and I discuss how you can build your Influence Potential through leveraging seven key influence traits.

Karen will be sharing her insights on the following questions:

  • How would she define ‘influence’?
  • How would she define influence as it relates to leadership?
  • What’s the difference between influencing someone AND being influential?
  • Are there differences between men and women when it comes to building influence?
  • What are the key areas women need to be more purposeful (and intentional) when it comes to building influence?

As well as answering the question sent in by Helen Storr from Pivotal Pathways:

  • What’s the difference between influence and power?


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Show Transcript:

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Ep1 Seven Influence Traits Infographic

This week’s Thought Provoking Inspirational Tip:

Inspirational Quote Ep1

Quotes from our Special Guest:

Quote Ep1


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Question: Which of the SEVEN key Influence Traits do you feel you are the strongest? Go ahead and share it below. Also, what’s ONE thing you’re going to do within the next 24 hours to help you become more purposeful in your life and business? Share your comment by clicking here.



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