Have you thought about your Money Mindset and how it may be impacting your business? If not, this may be what you’re experiencing. You’ve defined your niche and developed a distinguishable Signature Brand, and you’re consistently marketing your business to gain visibility and recognition. BUT, you’re not getting new clients or generating the level income you want. 

You can have the best systems and processes in place; a unique Signature Brand that portrays your professionalism; a solid marketing plan that consistently showcases you and the value you offer.

BUT, you can still struggle to attract new clients, increase your income, and get paid what you’re worth.


Because your current mindset, particularly your ‘money mindset’ is not aligned with everything else you’re building in your business.
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Money mindset is OFTEN the missing piece of the business growth puzzle.

This was the case with one of my Diamond Insights subscribers – Stephanie, who had been implementing many of the branding and marketing strategies, I teach.

Her branding was unique and professional; her presentation skills were top class; and she exuded a level of confidence that many of her peers envied. It was clear she was an expert in her field.

Yet, despite having all of these key foundations in place, her dream of getting new clients and taking her business to the next level, remained unobtainable.

To say she was frustrated would have been an understatement.

However, as we looked a little deeper into her business, we could see that her mindset (in particular her beliefs around money and sales) needed to be aligned with everything else she was doing in her business.

What is Mindset?

The Online Free Dictionary by Farlex defines mindset as being a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations.

Let’s look at an example…

The scenario: two people (with similar backgrounds, experience and service offerings) are attending the same networking event with dozens of ideal clients and potential referral partners in attendance.

The first woman immediately starts introducing herself to people – many of whom she has never met before – excited to be able to nurture these relationships. She knows there is an abundance of opportunities here for her. She leaves the event with a list of names to follow up with.

However the other person stands quietly in a corner, waiting for others to approach her. She’s nervous and hesitant to introduce herself, and in all honesty, can’t wait till she can return to her office. She leaves the event with zero names to follow up with.

Why the different outcomes?

Because of their mindset (i.e. their belief) about themselves and networking.

The first woman had a level of self assurance that enabled her to confidently introduce herself and begin to establish a relationship with people she knew could support her in growing her business, and vice versa. She also believed that networking would be extremely beneficial to the growth of her business.

This mental attitude enabled her to walk away with a list of names to follow up with.

The second woman was not as confident as the first. In fact, she was right out of her comfort zone when it came to introducing herself to strangers. She felt very self conscious when it came to speaking in public and she feared she would stumble over her words – causing people to laugh at her.

Her previous experience with networking had never resulted to any business and she doubted this event would either. However, she had made a commitment to one of her colleague’s to attend.

Unfortunately, her mental attitude prevented her from speaking to many people or sharing what she did in a way that they could understand what her expertise was and how she could help them– so she walked away disappointed.

Two business women with similar backgrounds, experience and services to offer but vastly different outcomes because of their mental attitudes that impacted how they interpreted and responded to the situation.

One mindset attracted opportunities. The other mindset didn’t.

What about you?

Is your mindset attracting opportunities? Or not?

Unhelpful Money Mindset Beliefs

In my article Magnetic Money Mindset: Are you attracting or repelling money into your business I identified common unhelpful money beliefs, including:

  1. Prospects won’t see the value and won’t invest in my services
  2. I have to work hard to get new clients
  3. If I get busier I’ll lose my free time
  4. People will judge me and think I’m no good
  5. People won’t be interested in what I have to offer
  6. I’m not worthy
  7. I’ll always struggle to stand out
  8. No matter how hard I try – I just can’t sell
  9. Wanting more money is being selfish

In Stephanie’s case (above), despite having all of her branding, her personal presentation and other business systems in place – an unhelpful belief that ‘All sales people are pushy and obnoxious” kept her from signing up any clients.

Not wanting to be pushy and obnoxious herself, she would avoid having sales conversations with prospective clients.

And, she would often give a lot of her information away for free, so-much-so that people no longer had the need to hire her.

Realising this, was a huge eye opener for Stephanie. She was now able to work on strengthening and aligning her beliefs and mindset around sales people and no longer avoided sales conversations, nor gave away so much information for free.

Once she did, her business results improved and she was able to successfully enrol clients into her programs.

Next Step: Evaluate Your Money Mindset

Self awareness is THE first step towards change.

After all, you can’t change what you don’t know needs changing.
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How is your current money mindset? Do you attract opportunities and clients who pay you what you are worth? Or not?

Take the following Money Mindset Breakthrough quiz to find out how you measure up with regards to the 5 Key Pillars.

You may very well have your own money mindset breakthrough after taking the quiz.

Rank each of the following questions from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree)

Be honest – remember: self awareness is the first step towards transformation!


[Click on the image if you want to increase the size]

Note: Scores of 12 and less in the pillars of Self Worth, Mindset and Action suggests you could benefit from a breakthrough in these areas. Scores 15 and higher in the pillars of Boundaries and Forgiveness suggests you could benefit from a breakthrough in these areas.


Question: How did you go?  Are you game to share your results? What was the biggest insight for you after doing the quiz? Leave your comments below.


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